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Your skin is your armour: it makes sure that your body is well protected from the outside world. But like all great superheroes, it also has weaknesses – its kryptonite so to speak. So it’s our job and yours to return the favour and help shield your skin from all the harsh and harmful environments it weathers throughout the day. The protect step of your routine is all about that.

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03 Protect

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What does SPF mean?

SPF stands for «Sun Protection Factor». In German so called LSF (Lichtschutzfaktor). The SPF refers only to the UVB (B like Burning) factor, not to the UVA (A like Aging) factor.

Is it suitable for skin with acne prone oily skin?

Sure, it is a super light gel. It is perfectly suitable for acne prone and sensitive skin.

Can I use the UV Day Shield also as a man?

Of course. Men love the sunscreen as it is super light, not greasy or sticky at all. But please do not use it on the upper eyes.

Can a teenager use the UV Day Shield?

It is super important that you already start as a teenager to use proper UVA protection, to avoid dark spots also the ones after the pimples. And of course, you want to start a proper anti-aging skincare regime early. This starts with washing your face properly with our wash foam and apply the UV Day Shield in the morning. More is not needed.

If I keep the UV Day Shield in a standing position, a funny fluid comes out? Is that normal?

Yes, don’t worry. It doesn’t go bad and it does not dissolve. You just need to shake it super well before every usage.

Does the sunscreen reduce your vitamin D production?

Yes, it does. But why do you want to get the vitamin D from the surface of your face (4% of your body area). Rather use your arms or my legs for the vitamin D production as each has a surface area of around 8%. This way you don't get pigmentations on your face.

What is the difference between SPF and LSF?

It's exactly the same. SPF is the English abbreviation (sun protection factor) for the German abbreviation LSF, i.e. sun protection factor.

Why is a higher SPF better than a lower one?

SPF (sun protection factor) is not a linear curve. So SPF 50 is not worse than SPF 100, it is a logarithmic curve so the UVB protection of SPF 50 and SPF100 is less than 1%, even the difference of SPF 30 and SPF 60 is only about 1%.

Is a day cream with sun protection factor (SPF/SPF )15 sufficient if I only go out into the fresh air for half an hour at lunchtime?

Right, in order not to get sunburn (i.e. to keep UVB out), wrong, if you want to prevent wrinkles. Because SPF or SPF factors refer only to UVB. Only recently have regulations come out in the EU and Switzerland that regulate the protection of UVA light in a "sunscreen" cream. Therefore, please pay attention to whether there is a UVA filter label on the packaging. Only then can you be sure that you are also protected against UVA, which is harmful for aging, not only outside but also in your own home. That's why our UV Day Shield protects from both UVB and UVA.

My makeup has an SPF of 15, is that enough?

No, you would have to apply 2mg per cm2 of make-up to achieve an SPF 15. However, this then has nothing to do with aesthetic make-up. In addition, there is still no UVA "A" (aging) protection integrated.

Is the UV Day Shield comedogenic?

No, it is super light and perfectly suitable for people with acne prone and sensitive skin. Even men love it, as it is not greasy at all.

Has the UV Day shield been tested on animals?

No, we love our furry friends and none of our products will ever be testen on animals.

Does the sunscreen increase my pimples?

No it is a very light gel and helps you prevent your acne scars from getting darker and prevents your skin from discoloration even after pimples.

Can I use the sunscreen while having sensitive rosacea like skin?

The question is not can you, it is more: YES YOU SHOULD use it to protect your skin from further damage and reducing its redness’s. It also contains antioxidants to protect your skin from further damage from the outside.

When do I use the sunscreen ideally?

Every morning after you washed your face with our Fruit Acid Wash Foam. You apply a sufficient amount of the UV Day Shield and apply it on the entire face. Please do not use it on your eyelids. As it includes antioxidants already, you do not need an extra Vitamin C serum or any other day cream. Use the UV Day Shield 365 days per year. Even if you are not going outside.

Can I use the products while pregnant or breastfeeding?

Regardless of the brand, certain active ingredients are not recommended in pregnancy. For instance, Ingredients such as retinoids, AHA (fruit acids) or BHA (salicylic acid) should be generally avoided throughout pregnancy and while breastfeeding. In the case of Dr. Liv Skincare, we recommend skipping the Smoothing Cleanser and Overnight Smoother until after pregnancy/end of breastfeeding as they contain AHA/BHA. The Biome Barrier and the Day Shield are safe to use in pregnancy. The use of an SPF is even highly recommended in pregnancy to avoid hyperpigmentation. If in doubt, we recommend consulting your doctor regarding any concerns.