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Overnight Smoother


This highly concentrated serum uses fruit acids (AHA) to remove dead cells on your skin's surface, thereby stimulating the production of new cells. As a result, your skin becomes softer and smoother and will regain and retain its natural glow. Say farewell to large pores and rough skin!



30 mL

Formulated for every skin type

Lasts 6 – 8 weeks with daily use

Key Ingredients

Glycolic Acid

How to use

The Overnight Smoother Serum is hard at work while you recharge your batteries in the land of dreams. The only thing you need to do is apply it daily in the evening, make sure to follow the steps outlined below and then go to sleep (beauty sleep is not such a myth after all!).

  1. Wash your hands, remove your makeup and cleanse your face (preferably with our Smoothing Cleanser 😊).
  2. Push two small pumps of the serum onto the back of your hand and use your middle and index finger to gently distribute it over your face, neck and décolleté.
  3. You can apply a light base cream or night cream after if desired. However, if you’re prone to pimples or oily skin, then the serum should be enough.
  4. All set? Then it’s time to imitate sleeping beauty and give your body and mind their much-deserved rest.
  5. Rise and shine! The next morning, it is crucial that you protect your skin – just as it protects you – from the sun and other harmful environmental influences. Having and using a sunscreen with high UVA and UVB protection is an absolute must when it comes to skincare.
  6. May we humbly recommend our powerful, effective, light-to-the-touch, sunray-shielding, pollution-averting Day Shield? A sunscreen or rather a soft gel that not only protects your skin from harmful sun rays, but also supplies it with rich and beneficial ingredients such as antioxidants and niacinamide. But we’re trying to be modest here, so again, that’s just a recommendation, and you’re free to use other but perhaps lesser sunscreens. 😉

In the beginning, you might experience tingling or redness the morning after you used the serum. That is completely normal as your skin is not yet used to it. In time, your skin will adapt, and both will cease. However, if the tingling sensation becomes too strong or unpleasant, give your skin a break for a day or two and then continue the treatment.



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A must have in your routine


Your skin is your armour: it makes sure that your body is well protected from the outside world. But like all great superheroes, it also has weaknesses – its kryptonite so to speak. So it’s our job and yours to return the favour and help shield your skin from all the harsh and harmful environments it weathers throughout the day. The protect step of your routine is all about that.

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Why should I use the fruit acid serum?

Because fruit acids remove the dead skin cells from your face, which gives you a rough and a big pored appearance. The serum in combination with the Fruit Acid Wash Foam with lactic acid removes the dead skin cells and gives you your glow back. Ideally with the UV Day Shield with UVA to prevent more cell damage in your future.

Does the fruit acid serum work against big pores?

Yes, totally. Because AHA remove the dead cells on the surface of your skin which gives you the appearance of large pores. With my Fruit Acid Serum your skin becomes smoother and more even. Use it regularly with the Dr. Liv Fruit Acid Wash Foam and the UV Day Shield, of course.

Does it have a smell?

No, it doesn’t. It has a neutral smell as the fruit acid is “swimming” in a hyaluronic acid.

Has the fruit acid serum been tested on animals?

No, we love animals and none of our products have been tested on animals.

Is it vegan?

Yes, all our pruducts are vegan.

Is it lactose-free?

Yes, all our products are lactose-free.

Can the serum be used for acne?

Yes, sure. It supports the skin in the fight against acne and pimples. Because it removes the dead cells on the skin surface…everything in the depth might come out…but just in the beginning….it is perfect in combination with your dermatology acne treatment. It gives your skin a smoother fine pored appearance.

Can a man use the fruit acid serum too?

Of course. Men usually have rougher skin and bigger pores as well as ingrown hairs. All 3 happen because of dead skin cells on the surface area. Fruit acid in the foam and in the serum removes the dead skin cells. Use a tiny bit of the serum (2-4 drops) on the entire face skipping eyes and lips. But wash your face before with our Fruit Acid Wash Foam to enhance the effect and the UV Day Shield in the morning.

Can i use it while having a perioral dermatitis?

Please only in consultation with your dermatologist.

Can I use it while having dry skin?

If you are not suffering from heavy atopic dermatitis (itchy and red), but have dry skin because of aging, then the Fruit Acid Serum is ideal for you. It removes with the AHA the dead skin cells which are responsible for your dead skin which give you the dry rough appearance.

Can I use the fruit acid serum while having a sensitive skin?

As long as you are not suffering from “sick” skin (itchy, red etc), not a problem. Compare it to a work-out. In the beginning your skin might react with reddish or tingling effects as you are not trained. After some days of using there will be no tingling or reddish effect, then you are trained. Start maybe with the foam first, first without leaving it on but rinsing it off immediately. As soon as you feel comfortable then you can start with the serum, maybe every 2nd night than every night. You will see, your skin becomes thicker, stable, fine pored and smoother very soon. But use UV protection every day too (UV Day Shield).

Can I use it around my lips and eyes?

Avoid upper eye lid and lips (never use a cream on the eyelids anyway).

Is the Dr Liv Fruitacid serum suitable for young people/teenagers?

Absolutely! It helps to get the dead cells away from the surface of our skin. However, it is possible that everything under the skin can come to the surface. But makes the skin smoother and removes pimples.

How often should I use the Dr. Liv Fruit Acid serum?

Every evening, after you have washed your face with the wash foam.

Is it comedogenic?


Does it contain parabens?


Can I use the fruit acid serum in the summer?

Sure but only if you consequently apply a UV protection sunscreen (UV Day Shield) every morning. Just use the serum in the evening, never as a day cream.

Can it be used for aging skin?

Yes absolutely. It is anti-aging, it takes away the dead cells through the fruit acids, which are responsible for the dryness and large pores.

Can I use it if I suffer from rosacea?

Yes, if not otherwise recommended by your dermatologist. You should, however, first start with our Fruit Acid Wash Foam. Train the skin slowly...first use it every third day, then every second day, then every day...and then slowly add the serum.