Skincare that works

We help you get your best looking skin at any age through scientifically proven formulations and a dermatologist-powered approach to skincare. Developed by Dr. Liv Kraemer - for all skin.

Boosts Skin Cell Turnover

Our active ingredients are scientifically proven to boost the natural process of skin cell turnover by gently removing dead skin cells and triggering the creation of new ones, while drastically improving your complexion.

Helps with:
Dry skin I pimples I large pores

Slows Down Aging

Dark spots? Volume loss? That’s the work of sun damage. Our products slow down skin aging through a holistic blend of cell turnover boosting ingredients and daily skin protection.

Helps with:
Dark spots I volume loss I rough skin

Strengthens Skin Barrier

Our products aim to repair your skin barrier and keep it strong and healthy – because a healthy skin barrier is key for the overall health and appearance of your skin.

Helps with:
Dry skin I pimples I large pores

Puts You Into the Driver’s Seat

Our proprietary skincare formulations pack decades of research and science into the most minimal routine – so you can focus on your life without compromising your skin's health.

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The most caring gift is healthy skin

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The A-Z of a skincare routine
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Xmas Super Set
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The a-z of your skincare routine
Silk hairband included

A minimalist routine specifically formulated by dermatologist Dr. Liv Kraemer to help you get your best, healthiest skin with just a few products.

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Starter Set
Great to get started
1 month worth of product
Travel friendly sizes
Core Routine
For daily essentialist users
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The a-z of skincare
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Unique product formulations inspired by decades of dermatology insight and trusted scientific innovation.

Made in Switzerland.

Proprietary formulations

No hormone-disrupting substances


Vegan and cruelty-free

The Dr. Liv Philosophy

Dr. Liv Kraemer is a board-certified dermatologist with two decades of medical experience and a background in stem cell research, genetics and tissue engineering. Working with patients at her clinic in Zurich, she knows how much everyone struggles with finding the right products for their routine. That’s why she decided to develop her own so that her patients – as well as everyone else – could start taking care of their skin in an easy and effective way. Her mission is to make skincare as accessible as possible and help everyone attain healthy and vital skin at any age.
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Skincare that actually works.

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