The simplest skincare system ever

Fuelled by Dr. Liv Kreamer’s scientific research, our skincare system was built for even the busiest of schedules and is based on products that actively contribute to healthier, more glowing skin.

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Cleanse is the very first step in your skincare routine. It clears your skin of any dirt, pollution or dead cells that might have gathered during the day or night and helps prevent blemishes and impurities. That way, your skin can stay its healthy, most radiant self. Let's get those pores squeaky clean!


Your skin has individual traits, needs and problems. That’s why it’s so important that you support your skin with products that are tailor-made for its needs. The treat step of your routine treats your skin with active ingredients that specifically target its problems so that it can continue doing its amazing job.


Your skin makes sure that your body is well protected from the outside world but like all great superheroes, it also has weaknesses. So it’s our job and yours to return the favour and help shield your skin from all the harmful environments it weathers throughout the day. The protect step of your routine is all about that.


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01 Cleanse
02 Treat
03 Protect
04 Supplement

The System

Dr. Liv’s Skincare System is an integrative approach to skincare, developed to help you build a routine around 4 simple steps: cleanse, treat, protect and supplement.

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Biome Barrier

Enriched with Lactococcus Ferment Lysate and Bifida Ferment Lysate, Biome Barrier is a probiotic base cream that supports your skin’s microbiome and ensures that your skin barrier stays strong and resilient. It not only helps repair current skin damage but also strengthens your skin with the resources it lacks to prevent future damage from happening. Furthermore, aloe vera, hyaluronic acid, and cucumber extract give it a super light texture and make it suitable for all skin types.

Start your journey where you are.

New beginnings can be tricky which is why we want to make this one as easy as possible for you. Suitable for all skin, our Core Set is the perfect combo to start your routine and introduce your skin to active ingredients.

The Dr. Liv Philosophy

Dr. Liv Kraemer is a board-certified dermatologist with two decades of medical experience. Working with patients at her clinic, she knows how much everyone struggles with finding the right products for their routine. That’s why she decided to develop her own so that her patients – as well as everyone else – could start taking care of their skin in an easy and effective way. Her mission is to make skincare as accessible as possible and help everyone better understand their skin and its needs.

Dr. Liv Kraemer MD, PhD


Where you might know us from

"If you love your skin, protect it from the sun!"

"The skin reacts to the lack of humidity: "When the humidity is too low, the skin loses more water. It feels dry, flaky and itchy".

"For me, the face, neck, décolleté and hands inevitably belong together. Everything you apply to the skin of the face, you automatically apply to the décolleté."

“Do not wash your face more than twice, or you risk damaging your skin and making a pathway for bacteria. And use a soft foam cleanser. Don’t just quickly rub it all over and rinse,”…

«Was Cameron Diaz mit ihrem Gesicht macht, beziehungsweise eben nicht macht, ist weder Trend, noch zu empfehlen.» - Dr. Liv Kraemer über wie man sein Gesicht richtig wäscht.

«Eine weitere Ursache für unangenehmen Körpergeruch kann auch die Kleidung sein»

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