Longevity in Skincare

For healthy and vital skin at any age – no trends, just science. A minimalist, cell turnover boosting skincare system that works. Developed by Dr. Liv Kraemer.


of all skin problems are caused by slow skin cell turnover and harmful environmental influences.

Cleanse, boost, protect

Our Smoothing Cleanser uses fruit acids (AHA/BHA) to remove the dead and damaged cells on the skin’s surface and thereby prompt the production of new cells in the depth of the epidermis – the skin’s outermost layer. Our Day Shield then protects these new cells from the sun and other environmental influences and prevents future damage from happening.

The Dr. Liv Philosophy

Dr. Liv Kraemer is a board-certified dermatologist with two decades of medical experience and a background in stem cell research, genetics and tissue engineering. Working with patients at her clinic in Zurich, she knows how much everyone struggles with finding the right products for their routine. That’s why she decided to develop her own so that her patients – as well as everyone else – could start taking care of their skin in an easy and effective way. Her mission is to make skincare as accessible as possible and help everyone attain healthy and vital skin at any age.
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